Canadian patent trademark lawyers patent agent trademark agent IP law firm in Vancouver BC

We provide services in the following areas: patents, trademarks, industrial designs, copyright, trade secrets, domain names, licensing, and IP transactions.  We can help you obtain trademark registrations in Canada, and internationally through our international associates.  

Trademark Services

We provide the following trademark services:
  • Canada Trademark Application Preparations and Filings
  • Canada Trademark Opposition 
  • Section 45 Cancellation Proceedings

Canada Trademark Oppositions 
We can help our clients oppose confusingly similar trademarks that have been advertised in the Trademarks Journal or defend against trademark oppositions that arise during their trademark applications. For Canadian trademark opposition work, I normally charge based on an hourly rate of $500/hour.

Section 45 Cancellation Proceedings
A third party may attempt to expunge your Canadian trademark registration through a Section 45 Cancellation Proceeding. If you receive a Section 45 Cancellation Proceeding Notice against a Canadian trademark registration that you own, you can contact me to discuss the case.

Patent Services

We provide the following patent services:
  • Patent Searches
  • US Provisional Patent Application Preparation and Filings
  • Canadian and US Patent Application Preparation and Filings
  • PCT International Patent Application Preparation and Filings

Design Patent (or Industrial Design) Services

We have extensive experience with preparing, filing and prosecuting U.S. design patent applications (also known as industrial design applications in Canada). 
  • US Design Patent Application Preparation and Filings
  • Canadian Industrial Design Application Preparation and Filings