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Alphabetica Law is an intellectual property (IP) law firm and trademark and patent agency based in Vancouver, Canada. Lawyer Edmund is the Founder and CEO of Alphabetica Law. Edmund has almost 10 years of experience practicing trademark, patent, design and copyright law. Edmund is a lawyer (a practicing member of the Law Society of British Columbia), a notary public, a registered trademark agent (Canada & USA) as well as a registered patent agent (Canada & USA). 

As an intellectual property lawyer, Edmund provides legal services in the following areas: patents, trademarks, industrial designs, copyright, trade secrets, domain names, licensing, and IP transactions. As a registered trademark and patent agent, Edmund can file trademark, design and patent applications in Canada and the United States, and also in China, Japan, South Korea, Europe and many other countries through a network of foreign associates.  

Edmund's professional experience includes preparation and prosecution of patent applications in the areas of biotechnology, chemistry and pharmaceuticals, medical devices, mechanical devices and clean technology. Edmund also conducts patentability searches and provides infringement and validity opinions. Edmund also has extensive experience with preparation and prosecution of trademark applications in Canada and the U.S., as well as conducting trademark searches and confusion analysis.  In terms of intellectual property litigation experience, Edmund has represented clients in many contentious matters, including Cease-and-Desist letters, settlement negotiations, Canadian and US trademark opposition and cancellation proceedings, trademark Section 45 expungement proceedings, trademark and passing-off action at the BC Supreme Court, and UDRP domain name dispute relating to a top level .com domain name before the WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization).

Edmund studied law at the University of Victoria (on Vancouver Island, BC, Canada) where he received several awards, including prizes in intellectual property law research and contracts.  In summer 2008 (i.e., the second summer of law school), Edmund worked as a summer student at Smart & Biggar's Vancouver Office, where he was introduced to the practice of intellectual property law for the first time, working under the supervision of several lawyers/patent agents, including Brian Kingwell, Andris Macins, Graham McKinnon, Jeff Morton and Tim Lo. 

After graduating from UVic Law in 2009, Edmund completed PLTC in Victoria and articled with Oyen Wiggs Green & Mutala LLP ("Oyen Wiggs") in Vancouver.  After being called to the Bar of British Columbia in 2010, Edmund continued to work at Oyen Wiggs as an associate lawyer from 2010 to the end of 2014.  Edmund worked on many interesting patent and trademark files and gained experience in intellectual property law practice through the guidance and mentorship of many of the lawyers at Oyen Wiggs, including Gerry Oyen, Blake Wiggs, Bruce Green, Cathie Mutala, David McGruder, Tom Bailey, Gavin Manning, George Kondor, Hilton Sue, Craig Ash, Todd Rattray, Richard Johnson, David Takagawa, Amy Fong, Jennifer Marles and Jeff Robinson.  Thanks to all their help and the conducive work and learning environment at Oyen Wiggs, Edmund took and passed the notoriously difficult Canadian patent agent exam on his first try and became a registered patent agent in 2011. 

Since starting his own intellectual property law firm and trademark and patent agency in the beginning of January 2015, Edmund has provided intellectual property services to clients in many diverse industries, including biotech and pharmaceutical companies, personal care and consumer goods companies, fashion boutiques, wineries, restaurants, coffee shops, internet start-ups, smartphone app developers, real estate brokerages, building construction companies, engineering firms and individual inventors. Edmund has also provided IP services to non-IP law firms.

Before commencing legal studies at UVic, Edmund conducted breast cancer research at Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center in Washington, DC. Edmund also holds a Ph.D. in Microbiology from Ohio State University.

Please note that Edmund does not draft patent applications in the field of electrical engineering or computer implemented inventions. If you want to file a patent application in this technical field, you should contact some other intellectual property law firms.

Edmund speaks both English and Chinese. This site contains some Chinese language texts. The Chinese language texts are equivalent or condensed duplicate versions of the English language texts on the site. So if you cannot read the Chinese texts, please don't feel that you have missed out on any information.

Trademark Services

I (Edmund) provide the following trademark services:
  • Trademark Clearance Searches
  • Trademark Application Preparations
  • Office Action Responses
  • Statement of Use Filings
  • Trademark Monitoring
  • Trademark Assignments
  • Trademark Change of Ownership
  • Trademark Portfolio Management
  • Trademark Renewal Filings
  • Trademark Opposition Proceedings
  • Trademark Cancellation Proceedings
  • Section 45 Cancellation Proceedings
  • Enforcement Against Counterfeit and Online Infringement
  • Trademark Enforcement
Trademark Searches and Registrability Opinions
I can conduct trademark researches to determine if there are confusingly similar trademarks existing prior to filing a trademark application. Contact me to discuss your desired trademark and I can review your case at no charge and provide a flat rate quote for conducting trademark searches for your desired trademark. In addition to direct-hit trademark searches in Canada and the USA, I am also knowledgeable with conducting direct-hit trademark searches in China's trademark database. I am one of the very few professionals in North America who has the language and professional skills to conduct direct-hit trademark searches in China's trademark database. This skill is very useful to many Canadian businesses who want to adopt brands that can be potentially trademarked in both the United States and China, two of the largest economies in the world.
Application and Registration of Trademarks in Canada, the U.S. and Internationally
I can draft Canadian and US trademark applications that correctly identify approved lists of goods and services and dates of use. If the CIPO or the USPTO raises an objection, I can draft responses to help overcome the objections. I can provide you with flat fee quotes for fling Canadian or U.S. trademark applications. I can also help clients file trademark applications in China, Japan, South Korea, Europe, Australia and many other foreign jurisdictions through a network of foreign associates.  

For preparing and filing a Canadian trademark application, I normally charge $1500 CAD. This includes the initial government filing fee, but does not include further costs for prosecuting the application through to registration.

For preparing and filing a U.S. trademark application covering a single class of goods/services, I normally charge $1600 CAD. This includes the initial government filing fee, but does not include further costs for prosecuting the application through to registration.

Trademark Office Actions
Not all trademark applications go smoothly. If the CIPO or the USPTO has any concern with your trademark application they will issue a notice called an Examiner's Report or Office Action. All Office Actions are different. Some represent a denial of your application. Others are just a request for clarification or additional information. That being said, an Office Action must be responded to within six months of the date the CIPO or the USPTO issues it. The CIPO or the USPTO will not remind you that the deadline is approaching to file an Office Action response. If you do not respond, your trademark application will simply be abandoned and all of your trademark application rights (and trademark filing fee) will be lost. I can help you respond to any Office Action. Whether it is responding to an administrative request, fixing a technical requirement with the application or formulating a substantive response to a confusion objection, I can help. Since every Trademark Office Action is different I will first need to review your case and determine what needs to be done. If you email your information to me, I will review your Office Action at no charge and provide a flat rate quote to complete a response on your behalf.

Trademark Oppositions 
I can help my clients oppose confusingly similar trademarks that have been advertised in the Trademarks Journal or defend against trademark oppositions that arise during their trademark applications. If you receive a Statement of Opposition you must timely respond. If you do not, your trademark application will be cancelled by the CIPO or the USPTO. As a trademark agent and attorney, I have successfully defended and negotiated settlements of trademark oppositions in Canada and the U.S. Because each case is unique I will gladly review your case and provide a quote for engaging in settlement discussions or responding to a trademark opposition that has been filed against you. For Canadian trademark opposition work, I normally charge based on an hourly rate of $400/hour.

Section 45 Cancellation Proceedings
A third party may attempt to expunge your Canadian trademark registration through a Section 45 Cancellation Proceeding. If you receive a Section 45 Cancellation Proceeding Notice against a trademark registration that you own, contact me to discuss the case and I can review your case at no charge and provide a flat rate quote to preparing and filing a response on your behalf.

Trademark Assignments
In order to transfer the ownership of a trademark, a proper “trademark assignment” must be completed and filed with the CIPO and/or the USPTO. If you do not properly transfer the trademarks, your trademark registration could become worthless due to a chain of title defect. I can assist with trademark assignments.

Trademark Renewals
Additional filings are required to maintain the registration of a trademark. If you do not make these filings your trademark will be considered abandoned by the CIPO or the USPTO and all of your trademark registration rights will be lost. In Canada, a trademark registration must be renewed every 15 years. In the United States, renewal filings are due between the fifth and sixth year of registration, at the tenth year of registration and every ten years thereafter. If you think an additional filing may be due for your trademark registration, please contact me and I can provide you with a flat rate service quote to handle any renewal filing that may be due.

Trademark Enforcement
As a trademark owner, it is important to protect your trademark against third-parties. Every trademark owner should have an enforcement plan in place to deal with copycats, infringers, counterfeiters, and any other third-party that may damage a trademark. Trademark enforcement comes in many shapes and sizes, ranging from Cease-and-Desist Letters, Take-Down Notices, settlement negotiations, to court litigation. I can help you develop a plan for your business’s budget that fits your business’s specific needs. Usually, the first steps involve Cease-and-Desist Letters and Take-Down Notices. An effective Cease-and-Desist letter puts the infringing party on notice of the trademark infringement and sets out the factual and legal basis for the claims. Many online marketplaces (e.g., Amazon, eBay, Alibaba) have trademark enforcement protocols for trademark owners to submit take-down notices and report infringing products.

Below are examples of 2017 and 2016 editions of Canadian trademark registration certificate. 

Canadian trademark registration certificate 2017 edition              Canadian Trademark Registration Certificate 2016 edition

Patent Services

I provide the following patent services:
  • Patent Searches
  • US Provisional Patent Application Preparation and Filings
  • Canadian and US Patent Application Preparation and Filings
  • PCT International Patent Application Preparation and Filings
  • Patent Office Action Responses
  • Monitoring Competitor's Pending Patent Applications 
  • Patent Assignments
  • Patent Change of Ownership
  • Patent Portfolio Management
  • Patent Maintenance
  • Patent Enforcement
I can also file patent applications in foreign jurisdictions, such as China, Japan, South Korea, and Europe, through a network of foreign associates. 

For patent searches and drafting patent applications, I normally charge based on an hourly rate of $400/hour. The cost for conducting a patentability search and analysis for one invention is usually in the range of $3500 - $5000 CAD.  The cost for preparing and filing an original patent application is usually in the range of $8000 - $16000 CAD. 

Design Patent (or Industrial Design) Services

I have extensive experience with preparing, filing and prosecuting U.S. design patent applications (also known as industrial design applications in Canada). 

I provide the following design patent services:
  • Design Patent Searches
  • US Design Patent Application Preparation and Filings
  • Canadian Industrial Design Application Preparation and Filings
  • Design Patent Office Action Responses
  • Design Patent Assignments
  • Design Patent Change of Ownership
  • Design Patent Portfolio Management
  • Design Patent Maintenance
  • Design Patent Enforcement
The cost for preparing and filing a U.S. Design Patent application is around $2500 CAD. This includes the initial government filing fee, but does not include the costs for prosecuting the application through to registration. Below is the front page of an example U.S. Design Patent I obtained for a client in West Vancouver.

US Design Patent front page


谢博士是加拿大温哥华执业律师和公证人, 也是美国和加拿大商标代理人,也是美国和加拿大专利代理人。谢博士是美国俄亥俄州立大学博士和加拿大维多利亚大学法学博士。从2009年以来,谢博士一直专业的从事知识产权法律工作。

谢律师事务所的英文名是Alphabetica Law (爱法北奇科律师事务所), 网址是 Alphabetica是谢律师自创的词,来源于英文词“字母”,也来源于希腊字母中的头两个字母, Alpha 和 Beta. 


谢律师专业从事加拿大, 美国和其他国家的商标申请注册服务。谢律师也提供专利申请, 版权(也叫著作权),工业设计和其他知识产权(也叫智慧财产权)法律的服务。 不管你是在加拿大的温哥华,多伦多,卡尔加里,渥太华,或维多利亚,或是在中国,或是在美国,谢律师都可以帮你申请加拿大商标注册(即商标代理服务)。 谢律师说国语,粤语和英文。 

在加拿大维多利亚大学读法律期间 , 谢律师获得过合同法与知识产权法等课程的奖项 。